How to Host an Impressive Party in Your Condo

Does the word “house party” get you all warm and tingly inside? Celebration is universal, and house parties are a great way to avoid additional planning hassle. We’ve compiled five tips for you to throw a party you’ll always remember.

1. Who’s on your guest list?

Unless it’s a party of one, you’re going to need some people over. Decide: do you want your family there, or is this a friends-only thing? Will it be awkward to have your colleagues hearing old stories about you from your best friends?

Different guests will mean different atmospheres: it’s unlikely your aging grandmother wants to play beer pong, and your friends will expect something more than watching K-dramas while eating ang ku kueh. Just make sure you remind everyone it’s friends and family only so you don’t end up with a house full of strangers.


2. Where will it be?

It’s perfectly normal to not want people wandering around your flat. If throwing the party in your living room isn’t an option, try checking your condo’s function room – prices vary depending on your building, but they will generally be cheaper than if you hosted at an external venue.

Alternatively, consider your building’s BBQ pits. The casual vibe of a good BBQ means there’s less pressure to make sure everything goes perfectly. Just remember to check the weather forecast!

3. What kind of party is this?

You don’t need a reason for a party, but a theme helps! Is it a baby shower, or a birthday party? A BBQ or housewarming? Will your guests be sitting or standing? These are questions you’ll have to answer in order to decide the most important thing…

4. What’s on the menu?

The food makes or breaks an event (what else will your guests talk about?). Depending on the type of party, you’re going to want a menu that caters specifically for your guests and your event.

With 140+ restaurants and caterers, you’re sure to find something you like on CaterSpot. If your guest list is large, go for a full buffet so there’s enough food to go around. If you anticipate a lot of standing and walking around, sharing platters or canapés make it easy for your guests to eat and talk. Throwing a barbeque? Go for a bbq platter (or two)!