Hosting Party in Your HBD? Here’s How

You don’t need an excuse to hold a party. It’s always a good time for a get-together with friends and family! One way to keep your budget low is by hosting your parties in the comforts of your home – a HDB Party!

We know what that means – there’s plastic cups and plates all over the place, there’s a mysterious stain on your carpet, and your furniture’s been abused. So what can be done to reduce your pre-party planning stress? We’ve compiled some tips on hosting a party in a HDB.

1. Decide on the type of party

Different occasions have different requirements. Ask yourself: how long will your guests be staying? Will they be mostly sitting, or standing? Will they stay for the full duration of the event, or leave after fifteen minutes? We’ve listed some common party types below:

Open house

Lots of people will be coming and going from your house, from friends to family to coworkers, and you’ll be giving lots of house tours. For events like these, disposable cutlery and canapés are best.

Casual party

Unlike an open house where people come and go without staying too long, casual get-togethers have guests mingling for extended periods of time. Get a full buffet with set-up, and focus on spending your time with your closest friends and family!

Formal sit-down

Rarer, but not unheard of are the formal lunches or dinners. Cooking a several course meal for more than a few people is hard! Ease the stress on yourself and get it catered. Here’s some deluxe dining menus guaranteed to impress your guests.


Get your friends and family to bring a dish each, and have a steamboat! The upside of steamboats are that there’s almost no pressure – eat it on a table, or on the floor, or in the common corridor. Though the latter might make your neighbours jealous, which brings us to…

2 Invite your neighbours

Let’s face it. If your party is going to be loud, the easiest way to avoid noise complaints from your neighbours is to invite them. Besides, it’s an opportunity to bond with the people you’ll be living next to for several years! That being said, be aware of noise complaints – quiet hours are between 10.30 pm to 7 am.

3. Pick a location

The easiest place, of course, would be in your flat. But if your guest list is large, you might not want so many people running through your house. Depending on where you live, you might have access to some or all of these options to throw your HDB party on a grander scale:

Void decks and Multi-Purpose Halls

Best suited for large crowds, void decks and MPHs can be booked via your town council. Find their contact numbers here.

BBQ Pits

Change up your usual HDB Party by getting together for a BBQ! Some estates have BBQ pits near HDB blocks (Jurong, Yuhua, Punggol). Unlike the BBQ pits at beaches or parks, you can’t book these through NParks or AXS stations. Public BBQ pits are booked through your Residents Committee (RC) or Community Centre (CC). For any special requests or questions, do approach your GRC or town council for further instructions.

Common Corridors

Not recommended, but we’ve seen events with people are spilling out into the corridor. Just remember to invite your neighbours so they don’t say bo jio.

4. Pick your menu

Now that you’ve settled on your guest list and location, it’s time for the fun part: choosing your food!

With 140+ restaurants and caterers, you’re sure to find something you like on CaterSpot. If your guest list is large, go for a full buffet so there’s enough food to go around. If you anticipate a lot of standing and walking around, sharing platters or canapés make it easy for your guests to eat and mingle at the same time. Throwing a BBQ? Go for a BBQ platter (or two)!

Have fun!

Enjoy a fuss free and convenient HDB Party when your food is catered. When ordering from CaterSpot, there’s no need to ever stress over catering again. From managing your order to ensuring your delivery arrives on time, we’ll take care of it.